Brief History of the Lockyer Valley Aeromodellers Club.

The club was founded in 1986 when members of the Coominya club decided to form a club nearer to Gatton and go ahead on their own. The club was founded with 10 members. The choice of a flying field was made easy when Mr. and Mrs. Howard offered the use of part of their property through the first club president, Wayne Schumacher, of Glenore Grove.

This involved some heavy work in the preparation of the flying field, levelling a runway, top dressing it with tons of loam, in this case a barrow and shovel job, and sighting the pit area. The shelter shed was built some years later using bush timber and second hand corrugated iron at a cost of $600.00 A local farmer donated an electric fence energiser for a perimeter fence around the runway thus avoiding the need to dodge cattle pats on takeoff and landing.

The clubs first invitational fly-in was in 1989 and have continued sporadically. The club hosted the state helicopter championships in the early 1990. The club president of the time, Fred Proos, went on to compete in two world championships, one in Melbourne and the other in Europe.

In the early nineties the club became incorporated for the protection of members and executive against litigation. This continues to the present with membership includes insurance arranged through the state and national bodies.

The club’s chief instructor during the first decade was John King. Under John’s tutelage dozens of members were taught to fly safely. When John moved from the district Ken Trebbin took over the position and continued John’s work.

Early training was by passing the transmitter back and forth between instructor and pupil. This was replaced with the buddy box training system after the club purchased a trainer, transmitter and buddy box.

A steel framed pilot enclosure was built and donated to the club by the then president Frank Buckly of Plainland.

In 1995 Neil Hart was made a life member of the club, even now occasionally Neil drops in for a long chat.

In the last decade the club has changed little in its original friendly nature, and some foundation members have rejoined but our facilities have been added to the major one another covered area, where we often sit around “The Table of Knowledge” and tell tall stories. At present we have some reciprocal fun fly events with the members from TARMC and we hope to expand on this situation.