Welcome to the Lockyer Valley Aeromodellers Club!

We aim to be a friendly club where members help one another to operate model aircraft in a safe manner so all can enjoy the sport.

Are you interested in joining a country based aeromodellers club?

Consider our club! We are a small club with friendly members (31 at present) and very little in terms of red tape and rules other than safe operation of aircraft. Our members fly all types of aircraft, from trainers, sports, aerobatics planes, warbirds and powered gliders. Electric, methanol/nitro and petrol powered planes are regularly flying.

We fly on Sundays from about 0900 till about 1600, and on Saturdays 09:00 till 16:00 weather permitting. Members are able to fly on any day of the week with the purchase of a key to the gate. At the club field we provide for all levels, from providing instructions for beginners, to those who are adrenalin junkies and dazzle us, leaving onlookers asking how do they do it?

More information can be obtained by coming along to our flying field on a Weekend or by contacting the Club Secretary:

Chris Wilkinson
[email protected]

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